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    Sleep For Life (Adults) - Sacramento

    Attend this two hour educational group and learn about sleep and skills needed to prepare for a deep, restorative night's rest. The classes are available to both adults and teens at no cost to the participant and are ongoing throughout the year. Classes may be repeated as often as needed to provide support, skills and continued progress improving sleep. 'Sleep for Life' classes include lecture and education, discussion, practicing relaxation skills, and developing a weekly plan of action to improve your sleep.

    Topics include:

    1. How much sleep is good for you, and what defines quality sleep.
    2. Why sleep is so important for your physical and mental health.
    3. The mechanics of sleep and learning good sleep habits.
    4. Develop skills to relax the body and turn off the active mind.

    Classes are currently held in the Sacramento, Roseville and Auburn areas. Dates and times of classes vary according to the location of the class.

    For Information and to Register for classes, please Contact:
    Kim at Sutter Medical Group, Neuroscience at (916) 773-8711
    Facilitator of classes: Cindy Reynolds, MFT at (916) 773-7941


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    Class Registration

    Call to register: (916) 773-7941

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