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    Please search our list of classes, lectures, support groups, screenings and special events to see all that PAMF has to offer in health education.

    Please note: The date shown for any series of classes refers to the starting date only. Most classes in a series are held on consecutive weeks. Dates around holidays or in special circumstances may be subject to change. All class dates and exceptions will be clearly noted in your confirmation letter.

    If you have a question or want to speak with someone, please see our education contact information.

    Join us for an online webinar with Steven Johnson, Physician Assistant, to discuss the physical and emotional strategies for aging successfully. Next class : May 9
    Join PAMF registered dietitian Julita Klopocka-Niemiec, M.A., RDN to discuss the health implications of an inflammatory diet and how to choose foods that protect your body and promote healing. Next class : May 10
    Join PAMF Sleep Medicine Specialist, Priscilla Sarinas, M.D. for this presentation on healthy sleep. Next class : May 16
    Join Elizabeth Lee, M.D., PAMF Family Medicine, and Nancy Brown, Ph.D., PAMF Health Education, for a discussion preparing parents and future college students for the challenges, risks and responsibilities of college life. Next class : May 16
    Join us for this presentation where a health insurance counselor will provide an overview of Medicare, including eligibility, costs, and benefits. Next class : May 17
    Please join HICAP counselor Marla Seidman as she helps you navigate the "Medicare Maze." Marla will explain the different parts of Medicare (A, B, C & D), costs and benefits, enrollment periods and coordination of benefits. Next class : May 22
    Do you have Medicare and a retiree benefit plan? Or Medicare with Medi-Cal? Please join us to learn how Medicare works with other health plans or drug coverage, including who should pay your bills first. Next class : June 6
    Mindfulness: Where Ancient Practices meet Modern Medicine-Live Call Led by Janetti Marotta, Ph.D. Next class : June 7
    Join pediatrician and obesity medicine specialist Natasha Agbai, M.D., for a lecture and Q&A on the medical benefits and risks of the growing trend of vegetarian, vegan and plant based diets. Next class : June 28
    Managing Anxiety and Depression (Mountain View) Next class : July 11
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