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    Frequently Asked Questions During Pregnancy

    Below are links to videos created by Mountain View Center doctors concerning commonly asked questions during pregnancy. These are for educational purposes only and you should consult with your own personal doctor before making any changes to your care while pregnant.

    The Palo Alto Medical Foundation has created a series of educational videos for pregnant women. They are available on Videos include discussions of such topics as pregnancy and medications, morning sickness, travel and nutrition.

    When Should I Call my Doctor During Pregnancy?

    When Should I Call My Doctor During Pregnancy?
    • Severe vomiting and feeling dehydrated
    • Heavy Bleeding, Bright Red Color and Blood Clots
    • Rhythmic contractions/cramps in the abdomen area lasting for over 2 hours
    • No movement from baby for more than half a day in the third trimester
    Pregnancy and Travel

    Pregnancy and Travel
    • Flying is acceptable for one or two flights
    • Risk is in the actual flight from blood clots
    • Walk every 2 hours to circulate the blood and bear in mind that balance is more difficult so extra caution should be considered
    • Keep hydrated
    • 35 Weeks – Can't travel international
    • 36 Weeks – Can't travel domestic
    Pregnancy and Nutrition, Eating for Two, Not Eating Twice

    Pregnancy and Nutrition, Eating for Two, Not Eating Twice
    • 300 calories extra pay day are required in the second and third trimesters
    • Eat 6 small nutrition meals per day
    • 3 to 4 servings of high quality lean protein
    • 1200 milligrams of calcium per day
    • 3 cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruit per day
    • 1 serving of Grains or Starches per day
    • 8-10 glasses of liquids with the majority coming from water and some from low far milk
    • Never diet during pregnancy
    • Avoid mega doses of vitamins and additional supplements
    • Avoid raw fish foods
    • Avoid excess caffeine
    • Avoid alcohol completely
    Morning Sickness

    Morning Sickness
    • Dry food can help absorb stomach acids
    • Avoid food odors
    • Sparkling water and mineral water can help lower the effects
    • B6 vitamins as a supplement, 25 mgs 3 times per day
    • In some cases, medications are prescribed if other methods are not helping
    Pregnancy and Medications

    Pregnancy and Medications

    How Long Should I Wait to Become Pregnant?

    How Long Should I Wait to Become Pregnant?
    • At 30 years of age, gradual decline of ovarian function begins
    • Mid 30's the decline of ovarian functions is accelerated
    • Late 30's there is only single digit percentage of conceiving
    • Shortened or irregular menstrual cycles also poses problems for conceiving
    Pregnancy and Fish

    Pregnancy and Fish

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