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    How We Began: Peninsula Medical Clinic

    The Peninsula Medical Clinic grew out of a group of doctors with the Mills-Peninsula Medical Group who have been caring for thousands of Peninsula residents since the 1940s.

    The shifting demands in health care called for innovation in order to best serve residents with state-of-the-art medical technology and specialists in every field. So, in 2010, a group of 40 San Mateo County doctors launched a partnership with the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) to form a new local multispecialty physician group and network.

    PMC and PAMF were a natural fit. We share a desire to provide the highest-quality health care to patients. We are committed to excellence, collaboration and compassion.

    The new multispecialty group, Peninsula Medical Clinic (PMC), contracts with PAMF to provide physician services, and also works in conjunction with a network of more than 350 independent doctors who are members of Mills-Peninsula Medical Group. All work collaboratively to help meet San Mateo County’s current and future health care needs.

    Today, PMC includes 87 family medicine doctors, internal medicine doctors, pediatricians and cardiologists. Our plan is to expand our practice to more than 200 doctors within the next decade.

    Many of our doctors’ offices are located in PAMF’s Burlingame Center, right next to Mills-Peninsula Medical Center at 1501 Trousdale Drive. This location offers exciting opportunities to optimize care coordination with our non-profit community hospital.

    We are excited to be able to offer patients in San Mateo County access to care that is coordinated across a comprehensive and efficient network of doctors who work in both outpatient and acute care settings.

    Working with PAMF and doctors with the Mills-Peninsula Medical Group, we are committed to building a patient-centered care delivery arrangement that:

    • Offers patients in San Mateo County access to care that is seamless, contemporary, and coordinated across a comprehensive and efficient network of primary care doctors and specialists
    • Enhances the recruitment and retention of doctors in the region, especially in the adult primary care specialties
    • Offers patient and doctors a uniform electronic health record to further enhance quality outcomes, continuity of care and clinical integration
    • Provides doctors and patients with access to better infrastructure, including state-of-the-art clinics and diagnostic capabilities

    With PAMF, we are creating a model of health care that ensures a broad base of primary care doctors to serve the San Mateo community for generations to come.

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