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    Physician Leadership & Administrative Staff

    Palo Alto Medical Foundation Administrative Staff

    • Richard Slavin, M.D.
      Chief Executive Officer
    • Francis A. Marzoni, M.D.
      Executive Vice President and Division President (Palo Alto)
    • Larry D. deGhetaldi, M.D.
      Division President (Santa Cruz)
    • Jimmy Hu, M.D.
      Division President (Alameda)
    • Brian C. Roach, M.D.
      Division President (Mills-Peninsula)
    • Elizabeth Vilardo, M.D.
      Division President (Camino)
    • Michael Erikson
      Chief Operating Officer
    • Raul Gorospe
      Chief Financial Officer
    • Liz Kolcun
      Chief Development Officer
    • Janet Lederer
      Vice President, Education Division
    • Harold S. Luft, Ph.D.
      Vice President, Research Division
    • Mark Selna, M.D.
      Chief Accountable Care Officer
    • Paul C. Tang, M.D.
      Vice President and Chief Innovation and Technology Officer

    Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group Board of Directors

    • Joseph Lacy, M.D.
    • John Cunniff, M.D.
    • Cary Hill, M.D.
    • Nomi Khan, M.D.
    • Heather Linebarger, M.D.
    • Elizabeth Newsom, M.D.
    • Rajan Perkash, M.D.
    • Sharon Tapper, M.D.
    • Jane Varner, M.D.

    Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group Administration

    • William Suffich
      Chief Administrative Officer
    • Mike Conroy, M.D.
      Chief Medical Officer
    • Sue J. Knox, M.D.
      Regional Medical Director
    • David Quincy, M.D., MPH
      Regional Medical Director
    • Mat Hernandez, M.D.
      Regional Medical Director
    • David Sofen, M.D.
      Regional Medical Director

    Peninsula Medical Clinic Board of Directors

    • James Ferrara, M.D.
      President and Board Chair
    • Andrew Jurow, M.D.
    • Ian Christoph, M.D.
    • Richard Morgan, M.D.
    • Dirk Baumann, M.D.

    Peninsula Medical Clinic Administration

    • Barry Naughton, MHA
      Chief Administrative Officer
    • Linda Oberstein, M.D.
      Chief Medical Officer
    • Jesus Saucedo, M.D.
      Associate Chief Medical Officer

    Peninsula Coastal Region Administrative Staff

    • Jeff Gerard
      Regional President
    • Karen Hall
      Regional General Counsel
    • Mara Hook
      Regional Vice President, Philanthropy
    • Harly Neumann, Ph.D.
      Regional Vice President, Human Resources
    • Roger Larsen
      Regional Vice President, Finance
    • Cynthia Lee
      Regional Vice President, Planning and Business Development
    • Michael Reandeau
      Regional Chief Information Officer
    • Claire Renzi
      Regional Vice President, Contracting
    Last updated: January 2015