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    Breast Cancer Health Education & Nurse Navigator

    At PAMF, we work together to provide you with coordinated and compassionate breast cancer care. During your time with us, you will be seen by a multispecialty team of physicians that may include a breast cancer surgeon, a medical oncologist, a radiation oncologist and a plastic surgeon. We also offer a breast cancer education program and breast cancer Nurse Navigator to provide you with education, support and advocacy. Our goal is to ensure you have the information and support you need during the course of your cancer treatment.

    You may schedule an appointment with Jennifer Glover, R.N., the breast health educator and Nurse Navigator at PAMF's Palo Alto Center, at any time during your breast cancer treatment and recovery process. However, many patients find it useful to schedule their first appointment after their diagnosis, but before deciding on a treatment option.

    Ms. Glover meets with patients on an individual basis, and consultations are tailored to each patient's needs based on the guidelines provided by PAMF's physicians. Your initial appointment will last approximately one hour, and you may choose the number of subsequent visits you need. Consultations are provided at no cost.

    During your appointment, we will provide you with information so you thoroughly understand your medical condition and treatment options, including radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgical treatment options, as well as options for possible breast reconstruction. We will also explain your biopsy pathology report in user-friendly terms. You will learn what to expect during treatment and what you can do to feel as good as possible during your treatment. In addition, we will schedule your initial
    medical appointments.

    Throughout your treatment and follow-up care, we will provide you with assistance and support in managing the emotional impact of breast cancer, answer your questions and direct you to resources at PAMF and in the community that are available to you.

    For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact:

    Jennifer Glover, R.N.
    Breast Health Educator and Nurse Navigator

    Palo Alto Medical Foundation
    795 El Camino Real
    Third Floor, Lee Building
    Palo Alto, CA 94301
    Phone: 650-853-2906