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    New Prescription for Addiction, A

    This book was written to help those struggling with addiction to alcohol, drugs, and nicotine. The author, Richard Gracer, M.D., gathered a team of doctors, clinically certified nutritionists, level three substance abuse counselors, and affiliates to help their patients battle addiction. Doctor Gracers behavioral team recognizes addiction as a disease that requires medical treatment, just like diabetes or heart problems, and their approach is considered humane and holistic. This book can also help family and friends understand and support their loved ones, learn more about the nature of addiction, and the latest medical breakthroughs and treatments to tame the cravings that cause relapse.

    Category:Printed Material


    Call Number/ISBN:1-60070-030-6

    Author:Gracer, M.D., Richard

    Facility / Department:Dublin Center / Community Health Resource Center