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    Infant Car Seats

    Choose the right seat for the right age and size. Buckle everyone in the car and keep buckled as long as the car is moving.

    Age and WeightBirth to one year AND weight up to 22 pounds Over one year AND weight 20 to 40 poundsUp to age 8 AND weight 40 to 80 pounds
    Type of SeatInfant seat only or convertible seat Convertible seat / Forward-facing seatBooster seat with seat belt
    Seat PositionRear-facing Forward-facing Forward-facing
    Row of CarSecondSecondSecond or third
    Insuring Proper FitHarness straps at or slightly below shoulder levelHarness straps at or above shoulder level

    Use both lap and shoulder belt.

    Lap belt fits low and tight across the lap/upper thigh area. Shoulder belt fits snugly, crossing chest and shoulder.


    All children 12 years old and under should NOT ride in front row. Anyone shorter than 4'9" tall (145 cm) should NOT sit behind an airbag, regardless of age.

    For information about car safety, call the Auto Safety Hotline: 800-424-9393, or check