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    Executive Health Program:
    Frequently Asked Questions

    To better acquaint you with our Executive Health Program we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. However, if you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    How can our company arrange an account?

    Answer: Our Executive Health Coordinators would be happy to forward additional information and arrange an account for you. Services can be tailored according to your company's needs. If you are interested in our services, please contact our Executive Health Program office at 650-853-2979.
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    Do you offer full body scans?

    Answer: Though PAMF has the equipment and ability to provide full-body scans, this service is not currently available to patients who are healthy and asymptomatic. At this time, full body scans for such patients are not supported by organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Food and Drug Administration or American College of Radiology. Therefore, full-body scans are not currently offered through our Executive Health Program.
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    How many patients do you see each year in this program?

    Answer: We typically see more than 600 executive patients in our Executive Health Program every year.
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    Which regional areas do you serve?

    Answer: PAMF's Executive Health Program has locations in Palo Alto and Fremont. The Palo Alto Medical Foundation is also an affiliate of the Sutter Health network, which has facilities from Santa Cruz to Sacramento. Additional Sutter medical facilities offering tailored executive health programs include California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco and Sutter Occupational Health in Roseville.
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    How do your services differ from those offered by other local providers?

    Answer: PAMF's Executive Health Program is distinguished by its focus on efficient and coordinated care of the highest possible quality. As a distinct department of PAMF, the program offers executives convenient access to all necessary medical services; streamlined, personalized care; and exceptional comfort and privacy. As part of the larger Palo Alto Medical Foundation, our program provides the highest quality care; easy access to multiple medical specialties; and the ability to offer specialized testing, as well as any necessary follow-up care, on site. All of the physicians who serve the Executive Health Program are board certified. PAMF also uses an electronic medical record that can be accessed throughout the Clinic, and offers a secure Internet site, My Health Online, through which executives can view their medical records and communicate electronically with physicians.
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    What is the return on investment from this program?

    Answer: The Executive Health Program benefits both individuals and employers by keeping vital members of the executive team healthy and productive.

    Most executives today bear substantial job responsibilities and maintain hectic schedules. Days filled with meetings, frequent travel and organizational demands can lead to higher stress levels and make it difficult to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Focused on health of their organizations, many executives find they have little time to attend to their own health. A recent assessment of Personal Health Profiles completed by our executive patients found that many had not had a physical within the previous year, or were uncertain whether they were current with vaccinations or preventive exams.

    For the individual executive, the Executive Health Program provides a convenient way to meet these needs, offering one-stop, coordinated access to physical exams, screening tests, nutritional counseling and more. Appointments are tailored to conform to the executive's busy schedule, and our private executive lounge allows clients to stay in touch with outside contacts through telephone, fax and Internet. The return on investment for the individual is not only the possible early detection of a life-threatening illness, but enhanced daily health and well-being.

    For the employer, the return on investment is twofold. First, enhanced health has a proven ability to increase concentration and productivity, helping the executive to maximize his or her value to the organization. Second, executives who learn to recognize the value of their own health can teach other employees to do the same, creating a "trickle-down" effect that aids wellness promotion efforts throughout the workplace.
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    What support services are available?

    Answer: There are several support services that are available to the executive and that extend past the initial session with the Executive Health Physician. They include:

    Concierge Services -- Our dedicated Executive Health Program coordinator provides personal concierge services for our executive health patients prior to, during and after the appointment. Clients are welcome to contact our coordinator for assistance in scheduling any exams or procedures that may be recommended following the exam. Requests for concierge services are kept confidential between the executive, coordinator and any associated medical/scheduling staff.

    PAMF's My Health Online -- From any place with Internet service, executive patients can access their private medical information, request prescription refills or appointments, and consult electronically with an advice nurse or primary EHP physician. The My Health Online site is highly secure and completely confidential. Our linked My Health Online patient information pages provide additional information on this service.
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    What if the executive needs additional tests or services?

    Answer: For the convenience of our clients, PAMF Executive Health Coordinators are also available to schedule appointments for additional tests and services. PAMF has over 38 medical specialties available at our Palo Alto location and executives and their families are welcome to continue their primary or specialty medical care with us.

    For executives who wish to access services beyond those provided at the Executive Health Program appointment, we accept most large health insurance plans. A full listing of insurance plans accepted by PAMF is listed on our Web site. Clients should refer to this page to confirm whether we participate in their particular plan. If the executive's primary care physician is not at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, and the executive has an HMO plan, his or her insurance carrier must be contacted prior to follow-up care to ensure insurance coverage for those services.
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