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    Family Medicine Doctors

    The Department of Family Medicine believes in the importance of a patient-centered medical home that builds an ongoing relationship and partnership between you and your personal physician. The Family Medicine doctor is here to help you and your family navigate a complex and confusing health care system.

    Family doctors are the only doctors who specialize in ALL of you. They provide continuous and comprehensive health care for people of all ages, both sexes and for a full range of medical conditions.

    Family doctors receive special training in preventive medicine to help patients improve and maintain good health. With guidance from a family physician, patients have the power to help influence their health care and its costs. Family physicians are trained to catch minor disorders before they develop into serious problems. An ongoing relationship with a family physician can help assure you the most effective and efficient health care possible.

    Family medicine doctors also help patients with long-term conditions to manage the treatment of the problems patients present. Family physicians are not only experts in diabetes, heart disease, asthma and other chronic conditions, they are also an expert in you. With special knowledge of how your chronic disease might influence other medical conditions, your family doctor can successfully manage your overall health.

    Family medicine doctors across the country are adopting electronic health records (EHRs). The Palo Alto Medical Foundation has been on the forefront of EHRs since the 1990s. Our patient-centered My Health Online e-health service offers patients a secure and private electronic tool for accessing his or her medical record and communicating with us through online messaging.

    Finally, in a nationwide poll it was found that American women, who manage most of their families health care, want a health care system in which they and their families can conveniently obtain preventive services, see their personal doctors the day they become sick (same day care), and receive coordinated follow-up care if they require hospitalization or care from other physicians.

    Source: Navigating Health Care with Your Family Doctor, AAFP.

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