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    Shared Medical Appointments
    Mind, Body & Soul

    The Mind, Body, and Soul: Successful Aging Shared Medical Appointment (SMA) series brings you together with others who have similar questions about the aging journey. This series supports patients age 65 or older. Our personalized evaluations and interventions are aimed at helping you develop preventive and proactive approaches to aging successfully.

    You can choose to attend one, two, or all three appointments in this series, which takes place at the Palo Alto Center from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. on the first three Thursdays of every month:

    First Thursday
    Mind: The aging brain and your memory

    Second Thursday
    Body: Gauging your risks for falls and helping you to avoid them

    Third Thursday
    Soul: Aging gracefully and facing the challenge of getting older

    How do I make an appointment?
    Please call (650) 853-5650 and ask to be scheduled to see Dr. Peter Cheng and his Nurse Team in the Successful Aging SMA.

    How much does it cost?
    Although SMAs are longer and more comprehensive than traditional medical visits, they are not more expensive. Your health insurer will be billed as usual and any regular co-payments may be charged to you.

    The Successful Aging SMA has partnered with the Partners in Medical Decision Making Program (PMDM) to offer free informational DVDs and booklets to patients who attend any of the Mind, Body, and Soul: Successful Aging appointments. The goal of the Partners in Medical Decision Making Program is to empower patients to make personalized decisions with their health care team. The materials are designed to help you learn about your health care options and to assist you in making decisions that are right for you.