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    Legal Information – Bequests & Living Trusts

    Our Legal name: Palo Alto Medical Foundation
    Our Tax ID no: 94-1156581

    Sample bequest language for your will or living trust:


    " the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, to be used where the need is greatest, as determined by the Foundation's Board of Trustees."


    " the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, to be used to support [description of specific purpose, for example, a department, service or program] at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. However, if at some future time the Board of Trustees of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation determines that it has become impossible or impractical to effectively apply the gift made hereunder to the restricted purpose specified (e.g., because a specified department, service or program no longer exists or its operation has been substantially reduced or changed), then the gift made hereunder shall be used where the need is greatest at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, as determined by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. My gift is to be used to expand this program and should be used only after funds already budgeted for the program have been expended.”

    Note that due to the evolving nature of medical treatments and research, our programs may change based on advances made in these areas. Please contact your local office to discuss suggested language should a donor express preference towards a particular patient service or medical research program.