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    Center for Health Systems Innovation

    David Druker Center for Health Systems InnovationWe live in a rapidly shifting world, where health care is facing profound changes. People are changing the way they access care, health reform is changing the way it is measured and funded, and technology is changing the way it is delivered.

    The pace of change is so fast that we do not have the luxury of waiting until the future world unfolds – Donate to the Center for Health Systems Innovationthe time to step forward is now. As a recognized health care leader, the Palo Alto Medical Foundation continues to build upon our early successes and envisions a “PAMF 2.0” – innovating new health care solutions at every level of care to create a healthier future for our patients, families and communities. We continue to explore new ways to engage with patients and their families and aim to remain lifelong partners in achieving their health care goals.

    The David Druker Center for Health Systems Innovation was launched in August 2010 and inspired by Dr. David Druker, the late CEO of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. While serving as CEO, Dr. Druker promoted a culture of innovation, with PAMF consistently being an early adopter of new technologies and creating new ways of delivering patient-centered care.

    The Innovation Center continues to pursue priorities that will stimulate, catalyze, invent, implement and deploy breakthrough innovations in health and healthcare, enabling PAMF to fulfill our role as a health partner for the people and communities we serve. . Our aim is to foster health care transformation by finding new ways to pay for and deliver care that improves health while lowering costs

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    To learn more about the critical needs in areas that the Innovation Center is working, please contact Lisa Scoffield, regional director of corporate and foundation relations, at 650-691-6279 or e-mail

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