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    Your Blood Test: Section 1

    1. Introduction

    The following is a description of the typical process for lab tests. Depending on the lab and tests done, there may be differences in procedures.

    Common Terms Used to Describe Blood Cell Count

    Red Blood Count (RBC):
    The numbers of red blood cells to evaluate anemia

    White Blood Count (WBC):
    The number of white blood cells to evaluate infection

    Differential Count:
    The proportions of the different types of white blood cells varies in infection, allergies, etc.

    Platelet Count:
    The count of the number of these cells which participates in blood clotting

    A measure of the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood

    Patient with doctor
    Normal blood cells Abnormal blood cells
    Normal Blood Cells Abnormal Blood Cells

    Your Blood Test:
    1. Introduction | 2. Reception | 3. Testing | 4. Central Processing | 5. Phlebotomy