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    About LASIK

    LASIK is a three-step process:
    Image describing the 3 steps of Lasik Surgery

    Step 1: Creating a 3D map of your eyes for individualized treatment.

    Step 2: We use the IntraLase FS laser to create a protective flap in the cornea. In traditional LASIK, this flap is cut with a scalpel. Using tiny pulses of laser light instead of a blade makes this method a "bladeless" surgery.

    Step 3: Then, we use the Star S4 eximer using Advanced Customvue technology LASIK laser to make the cornea either steeper (for farsightedness), flatter (for nearsightedness) or rounder (for astigmatism). This form of LASIK is done with a device called a wavefront sensor. This sensor measures the optical properties of the eye with 25 times greater precision than that used for measuring eyeglasses.

    Wavefront-guided LASIK allows a patient to have customized laser treatment that is unique to each eye. It also improves the odds of having perfect vision after surgery, although some patients may still need to wear corrective lenses for visually challenging tasks such as driving or prolonged reading.

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