Healthy Eating,
Healthy Lives

A team of highly trained registered dietitians provide patients with reliable and accurate information about the body’s nutritional needs, the safety of new diets and food additives, vitamins, special food products, medical diets and general eating habits.

Healthy Eating Benefits

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For Children & Parents: Healthy eating. Active lifestyles. - Visit our education calendar to learn about our comprehensive "Healthy eating. Active lifestyles." program is for parents of children ages 2 to 12 years old. We will help you implement changes so your child can get back on track and eat healthfully, be active, and grow up to have the body that is right for him or her.

For Adults: New Weigh of Life - Visit our education calendar to learn more about this diabetes prevention program is well-suited for overweight individuals with pre-diabetes or insulin resistance. Our program uses the University of Pittsburgh's Group Lifestyle Balance™ curriculum and materials.