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    Quality Process During Testing

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    The process during testing at the Pathology Department includes:

    • Verification of patient name and accession number
    • 10 percent quality control review of negative Pap tests
    • Hierarchical review of abnormal Pap tests
    • Verification of test results
    Before each specimen is microscopically evaluated, the patient's name and accession number are verified for accuracy. Results of the microscopic evaluation are entered into a computer and verified by the person reviewing the case for accuracy prior to releasing the results.

    For Pap testing, 10 percent of the normal Pap tests are reviewed by a senior cytotechnologist to verify the accuracy of the evaluation before it is reported. A pathologist reviews all abnormal Pap tests before the results are reported. This process can increase the testing time, but is necessary to assure the accuracy of the test results.

    Cytotechnologist, Rochelle Lisette Penaflorida reviewing pap tests
    Cytotechnologist Rochelle Lisette Penaflorida performs microscopic review of Pap tests with the assistance of the ThinPrep Imaging System.

    Additional Steps in Quality Process

    • Annual competency assessment of all pathology laboratory staff
    • Regular participation of pathology laboratory staff in continuing education programs
    • Regular monitoring of various laboratory processes
    • Ongoing maintenance of all test records and materials for easy retrieval
    Quality testing also requires competent staff and effective procedures. Competency assessment and continuing education ensures that the laboratory staff have the knowledge and skills necessary to do their specific jobs.

    Lab assistant  Valerie Markushevich files specimen slides for long-term storageMary Thomas files pathology test requisitions
    Lab Assistant Valerie Markushevich files specimen slides for long-term storage.Support Staff Member Mary Thomas files pathology and cytology test requisitions.

    Laboratory processes are monitored regularly to identify patterns and trends that may represent an ineffective testing process.

    The pathology laboratory maintains test records and test materials in accordance with state and federal regulations. These materials must be filed accurately to ensure retrieval whenever necessary.

    Specimen slide fileSpecimen slide file
    Long-term storageLong-term storage for specimen slides and tissue blocks.
    Tissue block fileTissue block file

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