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    Curriculum Vitae: James B. Bassett, Jr., M.D.


    1976 to 1980 Boston University School of Medicine, M.D.

    1972 to 1976 Stanford University, B.S. in Biology with Honors Residency Training:

    7/1/85 to 6/30/86 Chief Resident, Department of Urology,
    Stanford University Medical Center

    7/1/82 to 6/30/86 Resident, Department of Urology,
    Stanford University Medical Center,
    Thomas A. Stamey, M.D., Chairman

    7/1/80 to 6/30/82 Resident, Department of General Surgery,
    St. Elizabeth's Hospital of Boston, Boston, MA
    Samuel A. Gargano, M.D., Director

    Academic Appointments:

    1986 to present Assistant Clinical Professor of Urology,
    Stanford University Medical Center


    1987 to present Palo Alto Medical Foundation,
    300 Homer Avenue, Palo Alto, California

    1986 to 1987 Assistant Clinical Professor and Staff Urologist,
    Veterans Administration Medical Center Palo Alto, California

    Hospital Affiliations:

    Stanford University Medical Center

    Lucille S. Packard Children's Hospital (Stanford)

    Recovery Inn of Menlo Park

    Surgecenter at Palo Alto

    Northern California Kidney Center

    Medical Licensure:

    California, 1982 to present


    American Board of Urology, 1989

    Lithotripsy certification, 1988

    Radiology and Fluoroscopy Supervisor certification (California), 1988

    Physicians Assistant Supervisor certification, 1991

    Professional Societies:

    American Urological Association

    American Medical Association

    California Medical Association

    Santa Clara County Medical Association

    Northern California Urological Society


    Scientific Papers

    1. Bassett, JB , Anderson, RU, and Tacker, JR, Use of temperature sensitive liposomes in the selective delivery of methotrexate and cis-platinum analogues to murine bladder tumors, J.Urol 135 : 612-615, 1986.

    2. Bassett, JB , Tacker, JR, Anderson, RU, and Bostwick, D, Treatment of experimental bladder cancer with hyperthermia and phase transition liposomes containing methotrexate, J.Urol 139 : 634-637, 1988.

    3. Dietrick, DD, Issa, MM, Kabalin, JN, and Bassett, JB, lntravesical migration of intrauterine device, J. Urol 147 : 131-132, 1992.

    4. Seidenwurm, D, Smathers, R, Lo, R, Carrol, C, Bassett, J , and Hoffman, A, Testes and scrotum: MR Imaging at 1.5 T, Radiology 164(2) :393-398, 1987.


    1. Bassett, JB , Tacker, JR, and Anderson, RU, Use of liposomes in the selective delivery of methotrexate and cis-platinum analogs to murine bladder tumors, J. Urol 133 :269A,1985.

    2. Bassett, JB , Viale, CA, Anderson, RU, and Tacker, JR, Temperature sensitive liposomes in the treatment of murine,bladder cancer, J.Urol--135 :126A, 1986.