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Preteen health information sponsored by the
Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) and
overseen by PAMF's Adolescent Interest Group,
a committee of physicians, social workers, researchers
and others.

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Preteen Health Talk

WAY2GO! Preteen Family

WAY2GO! Preteen Family is a free online tool to help families
with preteens develop healthy habits.

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Preteen Health Talk

Crisis Lines & Hotlines

Need Help?
If you feel like you are in trouble, talk to a parent
or a trusted adult.

If you do not have anyone to talk to,
our hotlines and organizations list will provide you with resources to get help.

Preteen Health Talk

HPV Vaccine for Preteens

A vaccine to prevent HPV (Gardasil) is now available.

How safe is it?

Nancy Brown answers questions you may have
about the new vaccine.