Dedicated solely to the laboratory diagnosis of Toxoplasma gondii infection and toxoplasmosis for the past 50 years

The Toxoplasma Serology Laboratory, a not-for-profit institution, has been dedicated solely to the laboratory diagnosis of Toxoplasma gondii infection and toxoplasmosis for the past 50 years. Our diagnostic efforts are focused on the pregnant woman, fetus and newborn, as well as the patient who has an impaired immune system or eye disease. Instrumental to our mission is the development of tests to improve and expand diagnostic capabilities in the field of toxoplasmosis. The majority of tests we perform were developed in our laboratory, and are not performed by other laboratories in this country.


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New Publications

The following is a list of articles, books and book chapters published by the physicians and medical staff of the lab. Most links are to abstracts of those articles. For further clinical information, please see Toxoplasmosis: A Guide for Clinicians

New Publications

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