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    Bibliography of the Toxoplasma Serology Laboratory

    The following is a list of articles, books and book chapters published by the physicians and medical staff of the lab. Most links are to abstracts of those articles. For further clinical information, please see Toxoplasmosis: A Guide for Clinicians.


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    2. Pomares C, Devillard S, Holmes T, Olariu T, Press C, Ramirez R, Talucod J, Estran R, Su C, Dubey J, Ajzenberg D, Montoya JG.Genetic Characterization of Toxoplasma gondii DNA Samples Isolated From Humans Living in North America: An Unexpected High Prevalence of Atypical Genotypes. Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2018
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    6. Augustine SAJ. Towards Universal Screening for Toxoplasmosis: Rapid, Cost-Effective, and Simultaneous Detection of Anti-Toxoplasma IgG, IgM, and IgA Antibodies by Use of Very Small Serum Volumes. J Clin Microbiol. 2016;54: 1684 - 1685.
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    Books and Book Chapters:
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