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    Billing Information

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    Our laboratory will process your patient's specimen only if proper billing information is provided on billing portion of the requisition. Testing will not be performed until billing information is provided.

    We cannot bill insurance or the patient directly. We can only bill the hospital, doctor or laboratory where specimen originated. Another option is for the patient to include a personal check or money order along with the specimen. These latter patients will receive a paid receipt after testing is completed. Please be aware that, if your patient's check does not clear or if there is a remaining balance, the ordering physician is responsible for all charges.

    The Toxoplasma Serology Laboratory
    is a not-for-profit laboratory.


    New York State law prohibits us from billing New York State physicians directly. Therefore, all patients whose specimens are sent to us by a private physician must include a check or money order. Specimens will only be held for two weeks if proper payment is not provided.


    Payment terms are net 30 days. Past due accounts may be subject to collections by an agency of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. Please make checks payable to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Institute.

    In order to ensure that your account is properly credited, the invoice number must be included and the address for remittance must include all of the following information:

    Toxoplasma Serology Laboratory
    PAMF Research Institute
    Ames Building, 795 El Camino Real
    Palo Alto, CA 94301


    Panels (see Test Menu & Information or Fee Schedule):

    • IgG/IgM Toxo Panel
    • Toxoplasma Pregnancy Panel (16 weeks gestation or earlier)
    • Toxoplasma Pregnancy Panel (more than 16 weeks gestation)
    • Toxoplasma Infant Panel (less than 6 months of age)
    • Toxoplasma Panel (6 months of age or older)

    All testing performed that would fit into any panel will be charged the discounted price while a patient's case is still open. For urgent cases, we will attempt to contact client for authorization for further confirmatory testing (recommended by consulting physicians) twice via fax. If we do not receive authorization after two faxes, the results will be reported as final and the patient's case will be closed. Once a final report has been generated, the client will be charged the full amount for each additional test.


    Our laboratory is not a contracted provider for any health insurance carriers. We cannot directly bill any insurance company for our charges. We provide the following information to assist in submitting charges for reimbursement from insurance carriers:

    CPT codes

    CPT codes are listed in our invoice, Fee Schedule and Test Menu & Information

    ICD-9 codes

    Toxoplasmosis (acquired)—130.9

    • With pneumonia—130.4
    • Congenital, active—771.2
    • Disseminated (multisystemic)—130.8


    • With suspected damage to fetus from other disease in the mother affecting management of mother unspecified as to episode of care in pregnancy -- 655.40
    • With suspected damage to fetus from other disease in the mother affecting management of mother with delivery — 655.41
    • With suspected damage to fetus from other disease in the mother affecting management of mother antepartum condition or complication — 655.43
    • Affecting fetus or newborn—760.2

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