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    What Is Sleep Insomnia?
    The inability to fall asleep affects almost everyone at some time. According to National Sleep Foundation surveys, more than half of America experiences insomnia a few times each week, leading to daytime drowsiness, poor concentration and depression. Your sleep problems may come and go, or they may be ongoing.

    What Causes Insomnia?

    There are many things that can cause sleep problems. Insomnia may be caused by:

    • Stress, depression, anxiety and other mental or emotional conditions
    • Poor sleep habits
    • Changes in your sleep habits or surroundings
    • Other health problems, such as pain, breathing problems and restless legs syndrome (link to restless legs syndrome page)
    • Stimulants, such as tobacco and caffeine, as well as certain medicines

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    How Is Insomnia Treated?

    Treatment focuses on why you don't sleep well. If you have a medical problem, such as chronic pain, or an emotional problem, such as stress, treating that problem may help you sleep better. It may help to set up regular times for going to bed and getting up, exercising regularly and avoiding daytime naps. Some people may need medicine for a while to help them fall asleep.

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