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    Preparing Bulk Grain

    1. Rinse briefly to remove any debris or dirt with cold water in a fine colander. Cooking times vary, depending on how dry the grains are and the cooking temperature. Test grain for chewy quality, but should not be hard.
    2. Presoak to reduce cooking time by half or more. Soak grains in water (use what you plan to cook them in) overnight or in the morning for six to eight hours before cooking. For microwave cooking, use two to three quart pyrex or corningware casserole with tight lid.
    3. Stove top: salt water (pinch) or use low-sodium broth/stock and bring to a boil. Lower to simmer and cover tightly until done. Do not remove lid. Cooking times will vary from 20 to 45 minutes.
    4. Microwave: Put your grains, liquid and a pinch of salt into a microwave safe glass casserole dish with lid. Bring to boil (4 to 5 minutes) on full power. Let soak 5 to 15 minutes. Small grains such as couscous/millet or quinoa will be done at this point. For others, use high power in pulses of one to two minutes until boils again. Watch carefully to prevent boiling over. Let soak 5 to 15 minutes in between pulse(s) and repeat until tested grain is slightly chewy but soft inside. Liquid continues to absorb slightly as it cools. Glass will be HOT! While grains rest, prepare accompanying dishes.

    Preparing Bulk Grain Instructions

    Grain Grain:Liquid Ratio Time

    S=stove; M=microwave
    7 Grain Cereal Granules 1c: 2.5 to 3c S: boil, simmer 15 minutes

    M: boil-rest-plus 1 minutes
    Great breakfast cereal, add leftovers into pancakes, muffins . Substitute for semolina in uppama, rava na ghurgra, etc.
    Amaranth 1c: 3c S: boil, simmer 25 to 30 minutes
    M: boil-rest
    Sticky, use for “rice-less” pudding to substitute for cream of wheat
    Bulgur 1c: 2.5c S or M: boil, soak 1 hr and fluff with fork.
    Alternatively, simmer 20 minutes
    Use to make veggie loaf or patties, stuff peppers or cabbage, tabbouleh, or add to chili. May eat as hot cereal.
    Cracked Wheat or Buckwheat Groats 1c: 2c S: boil, simmer 20 minutes, let sit 5 minutes
    M: boil, then rest 15 minutes, pulse and rest 5 to 15 minutes more
    Use in casseroles, as a breakfast cereal, grain salads, stuffing
    Kamut/Spelt or Wheat Berries 1c: 3c PRESOAK
    S: boil, simmer 20 to 30 minutes

    M: boil, then rest 15 minutes;

    Double cooking times
    Add to soup and use as above in bulgur or cracked wheat notes
    Couscous 1c: 1.5c M or S: Bring to boil, rest 8 to 10 minutes. with lid on. Makes great pilaf or breakfast with added dried nuts and fruit. Purchase whole wheat version
    Millet 1c: 2.5c S: boil, simmer 15, rest 20 minutes.
    M: boil, then rest 15 to 20 minutes
    Gluten free, use like Cream of Wheat or semolina
    Oat Groats or Steel Cut Oats 1c: 3c PRESOAK

    M: boil-rest 15 minutes
    S: boil, simmer 15

    S: boil, simmer 50 minutes
    M: boil, then rest 15 minutes; repeat
    Can also use crock pot
    Use water, milk, buttermilk, soymilk. Hearty and nutty. Add-ins: cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom, dried or fresh fruit, chopped nuts or seeds, ground flax meal, peanut butter, low sugar jam, applesauce
    Pearled Barley 1c: 3 ½c Cook as oat groats Wonderfully chewy. Substitute for rice, add to soups or sides
    Polenta or grits 1c: 4c NO PRESOAK
    S: boil, simmer 40 to 45 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes

    M: boil, then rest 10 minutes; pulse rest 5 to 10 minutes if needed
    Gluten free. Top like pasta for dinner, or as a breakfast cereal sweet or savory. Leftovers can be molded into loaf or muffin tins. Cool and slice; grill or broil and top like open faced sandwich
    Quinoa 1c: 2c NO PRESOAK

    S: boil, simmer 20 minutes
    M: boil, then rest 15 minutes
    Pronounced “Keen-oh-ahh”.
    Use as breakfast cereal, side dish or grain salad. Higher in iron and protein than rice.
    Rolled Oats or Grain Blends 1c: 2c NO PRESOAK

    S: boil, simmer 15 minutes
    M: boil, then rest for 3 to 5 minutes; pulse rest 5 minutes
    Use for cereal, add mashed beans, egg and veggies to create veggie burger or loaf.
    Teff Berries 1c: 4c Lightly toast over low heat. Presoak and follow wheat berry method. Gluten free. Higher in calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron than wheat or barley.
    Wild Rice 1c: 3c PRESOAK recommended

    S: boil, simmer 10 to 15 minutes
    M: boil, two cycles of pulse, 10 to 15 minutes rests
    S: boil, then simmer 45 minutes
    Gluten free. High in B vitamins. Makes great grain salad, pilaf, add to soups. Chewy and filling.

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