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    PAMF Surgery Centers' Mission

    Mission Statement

    To provide care that achieves the highest levels of quality, safety, patient satisfaction and affordability.


    It is our vision to provide:

    For our patients

    • Safe, dependable and expert care in an environment that is nurturing and supportive.
    • Service excellence during every interaction with us.
    • Ongoing communication with the patient's family and significant others and an environment that reduces anxiety and instills a sense of confidence in the team.
    • Affordable care that maximizes value but never compromises our mission.

    For our physicians

    • Knowledgeable and committed staff who deliver timely and expert care.
    • Top-quality equipment and tools to facilitate the surgical process.
    • Timely access to the surgical schedule to conveniently accommodate physicians and their patients.
    • Up-to-date knowledge of new technology and techniques to keep us at the cutting edge.

    For our staff

    • A work environment that fosters teamwork, inspires and nurtures professional growth, recognizes commitment and rewards productivity.
    • A sense of pride and ownership in every member of the team.
    • Leadership that leads by example and promotes teamwork and individual development.
    • A team that understands each individual plays an indispensable role and is valued by other team members.

    For our organization

    • Timely access to care and physicians for our patients.
    • Organized, productive and efficient service.
    • Control of expenses and elimination of waste.
    • Maximum return on investment.
    • Promotion of our organization through excellent satisfaction rates.