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    Developing Your Personal
    Counter Arguments

    You can counter that negative self-talk using counter arguments. These are things you say that help you dispute what you say to yourself. Over time, you can slowly change your negative self-talk.

    Here are some positive statements that counter some of the negative thoughts you might experience.

    Negative Self-TalkPositive Counter Arguments
    The trauma happened because of something
    you did.
    I am a good person and did not deserve
    what happened.
    You cannot trust yourself to do the right thing.I know what is right and can make the right things happen.
    You are a weak person.I am a strong person.
    You are an angry person who could get out of control.I may feel anger, but remain in control.
    You cannot deal with even the slightest upsets.I am strong and handle difficult experiences every day.
    You are always going to be miserable.I feel better today and will continue to feel better, over time.
    People cannot be trusted.Some people can be trusted.
    You have to be on guard all the time.I can relax with people who love me.
    You feel dead inside.I will feel better soon.
    You can never know who will harm you.There are good people in the world who will never harm me.
    You have to be careful because you never know what will happen?I live every day and am present each day.
    You are inadequate.I am special and there are people that love me.

    Written By: Teens participating in the Summer Wellness Programs
    Reviewed By: Nancy Brown, Ph.D.
    Last Reviewed: October 2013

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