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    Am I Abusing Alcohol?

    Having the facts is only part of making careful decisions about alcohol use. Take this self-assessment quiz to figure out if you are abusing/misusing alcohol, and identify if you could possibly be an alcoholic based on your attitude and behavior.

    1. Are you unable to stop drinking after a certain number of drinks?

    2. Do you need a drink to get motivated?

    3. Do you often forget what happened while you were "partying" (have blackouts)?

    4. Do you drink or "party" alone?

    5. Have others annoyed you by criticizing your alcohol use?

    6. Have you been involved in fights with your friends or family while you were drunk or high?

    7. Have you done or said anything while drinking that you later regretted?

    8. Have you destroyed or damaged property while drinking?

    9. Do you drive while high or drunk?

    10. Have you been physically hurt while drinking?

    11. Have you been in trouble with the school authorities or police because of your drinking?

    12. Have you dropped or chosen friends based on their drinking habits?

    13. Do you think you are a normal drinker despite your friends' comments that you drink too much?

    14. Have you ever missed classes, work or other important events because you were too hung over to get up on time?

    15. Have you ever done poorly on an exam or assignment because of drinking?

    16. Do you think about drinking or getting high a lot?

    17. Do you feel guilty or self-conscious about your drinking?



    If you answered "yes" to three or more questions above, or if your answer to any one of the questions concerns you, you may be using alcohol in ways that are harmful.

    Do not waste time blaming yourself for past binges or any other alcohol-related behavior. If you think you have or might be developing problems in which drinking plays a part, act now. You can get help.

    Written By: Teens participating in the Summer Wellness Programs
    Reviewed By: Nancy Brown, Ph.D.
    Last Reviewed: October 2013