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    Adult Weight Management Classes

    HMR Weight Management and New Weigh of Life
    At PAMF we understand the true cost to your health of being overweight or obese. Our weight management classes will help you make the lasting lifestyle changes needed to lose weight and improve your health, longevity and quality of life. Our programs comprise:

    HMR® Weight Management Program

    "I cannot thank PAMF's HMR® staff enough for their vast knowledge, constant encouragement and being ever ready to help me improve my life." - Sury Maturi, HMR® Program participant who lost 37 pounds and whose diabetes is now well-controlled thanks to the program.
    Start losing weight and improving your health now with this comprehensive, medically supervised program whether you need to lose 30 or 250 pounds. Services include medical supervision as needed with classes on behavior modification, nutrition, and exercise strategies. Our team of physicians, nurses and dietitians provide the support you need to reach and maintain a healthier weight and reduce the risk for many chronic diseases. There are several diet options available including:
    • Medically supervised, 800-calorie diet plan
    • Healthy Solutions, a more moderate plan with or without medical supervision
    • HMR® at home, where food and materials are provided without classes or supervision
    All diet plans use meal replacements and focus on intensive lifestyle education, personalized instruction and follow-up, and an emphasis on long-term weight and health management. After completing the class series, you are encouraged to continue in the maintenance class, which will help you keep ongoing control of your weight and sustain good health habits.

    Proven Success with PAMF’s HMR Program
    PAMF program participants are keeping off an average of 53 pounds almost four years after they started the program and are benefitting from the following positive health improvements:
    • 56 percent of cholesterol medications eliminated
    • 42.4 percent blood pressure medications eliminated
    • 50 percent of oral diabetes medications eliminated
    • 100 percent insulin eliminated
    • Overall, 49.2 percent of medications reported initially were eliminated at follow-up
    • 68.4 percent of program participants were keeping off an average of 68 pounds or 25.6 percent of initial body weight
    Location: Mountain View

    Learn more about the HMR Weight Management Program by visiting our site:

    New Weigh of Life

    "I feel great. I started the program to lose weight but gained better health in the process." – Ted Ellis, New Weigh of Life Program participant
    This diabetes prevention program is well-suited for overweight individuals with pre-diabetes or insulin resistance. Individuals diagnosed with Diabetes are also welcome, provided Diabetes Self-Management Training has been completed.

    Our program uses the University of Pittsburgh’s Group Lifestyle Balance™ Program which is an evidence-supported adaptation of the original National Institutes of Health/National Institutes of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease-supported diabetes prevention program (DPP). DPP results show an average weight loss of 7 percent body weight with moderate activity reduced the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 58 percent (and as much as 71 percent for people over the age of 60).

    Participants will learn behavior modification and lifestyle changes for weight loss, improved health and risk reduction. Join us for this year-long weight management program that consists of 16 core sessions and six monthly post-core sessions.

    Locations: Fremont, Mountain View, Palo Alto, San Mateo and Santa Cruz

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