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    Patient Advisory Council Charter


    The purpose of the Weight Management Program’s Patient Advisory Council is to:
    1. Inform, assess and improve the experience for patients and their families/caregivers
    2. Collaborate with Weight Management team to assess and improve the patient experience from orientation and throughout the program
    3. Participate in survey question design and ongoing evaluation of program content and effectiveness
    4. Enhance, implement and evaluate the post-op and maintenance program in collaboration with Weight Management providers and staff
    5. Advise on creation and effectiveness of patient resources, classes, community events and complementary services
    6. Facilitate partnerships and collaboration with other community groups and fitness centers to improve outreach opportunities, without duplicating well-established patient programs
    7. Seek appropriate ways to enhance communication and information through the use of technology

    Structure and Function

    Weight Management Patient Advisory Council membership includes, but is not limited to:

    Weight Management Program Medical DirectorLynn Bennion, M.D.
    Weight Management Program Administrative DirectorTina Pierce
    Committee Chairperson and BehavioristKaren Handy
    Social WorkerGina Earle
    3 Patients from each regionMV, PA and RC

    This group will meet monthly, or as needed and makes recommendations to Weight Management Program Leadership. This charter shall be reviewed annually and revised when necessary, or as directed by Weight Management Program’s Clinical Advisory Council.