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    Collaborative Addressing Childhood Obesity in Sunnyvale

    Eating a healthy lunchOn April 26, 2012 the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) hosted a breakfast meeting and invited a variety of people to discuss forming a collaborative to support youth and their families in Sunnyvale who were committed to healthy eating and active living. More than 40 people representing a broad spectrum of audiences showed up to join the conversation. Many of the agencies are listed below. The energy in the room was palpable. It was the right time, the right people and the right place.

    Two days after the meeting we received a call from the Superintendent of the Sunnyvale School District who said the meeting was a huge success. He had received calls from several attendees offering grant funding and programming that would support our 5210 message.  

    Since the initial meeting, the Sunnyvale Collaborative has held regular meetings at different sites throughout the city, highlighting programs, services, sites and resources available within the community. These meetings have proven to be informative and inspiring.


    Prevent and reduce childhood obesity through community collaboration.


    Sunnyvale will be a community where youth and their families can easily access affordable and appealing resources for healthy eating and active living.

    What is this collaborative?

    The Sunnyvale Collaborative includes non-profit organizations, local businesses, government agencies and community members working together to improve the overall well-being of the children of Sunnyvale.  This includes reducing or removing the financial, social and logistical barriers to physical activity and nutritious food choices and increasing the public’s knowledge about healthy eating and active living.
    The resources, skills, expertise and interests of the collaborative members enhance our ability to address the multitude of issues contributing to the childhood obesity epidemic.

    Key Functions

    • Strengthen and support the efforts of members’ work related to childhood obesity by creating a network of information and resources
    • Establish and disseminate clear and consistent messages
    • Strengthen messaging and program outreach through collective marketing of key messages
    • Reducing overlap of work done by members to increase return on investment
    • Advocate and support strategies for changes to environment and policy that support healthy eating and active lifestyles
    • Plan, implement and evaluate strategies collectively
    • Engage the Sunnyvale community in efforts that support preventing and reducing childhood obesity
    • Identify funding sources to improve access to resources for low-income families

    Strategic Goals

    • Build capacity of collaborative to address child obesity in Sunnyvale.


    • Establish a network and system to share knowledge of best practices
    • Compile and promote consistent messages and talking points on childhood obesity
    • Communicate and share information related to collaborative programs through multiple communication and media avenues
    • Build understanding of childhood obesity measures (health, behavior, attitude, environment  and policy) for planning and evaluation purposes

    The Sunnyvale Collaborative includes the following participants:

    Healthy Eating
    Full Circle Farm
    Second Harvest Food Bank
    Sunnyvale Community Services
    Dairy Council of California
    Community Alliance of Family Farmers
    University of California

    Active Living
    Sports Basement
    Sunnyvale Parks and Recreation
    Safe Routes to School
    Police Activities League
    Cooperative Extension

    Health Care
    Columbia Neighborhood Center
    PAMF/El Camino Hospital
    Gateway Community Center
    Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
    Lucille Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford
    Children's Dental Center
    Santa Clara County Public Health Department

    Health Trust
    First 5
    Fremont High School
    PTA/PTO organizations
    Sunnyvale Unified School District